Siddhant x Rutuja

Love conquers it all

The Siddhant and Rutuja wedding happened when the second wave hit. Sure, the pandemic was a nightmare for every Indian wedding geek. The drastic change of a 5 digit guest list shrinking to a two-digit one? How’ll fun happen? We thought the same. But hold on, this 80-guest wedding was a fair competition to any big fat Indian wedding out there. We had a blast with the Mehendi, the Haldi was gracefully messy, a thunderstorm wedding and whatnot! With the beautiful scenic view at the Oxford Golf Club, this one was full of surprises. 

Mehndi was the second best thing for us in the wedding. The beautiful mandap set up for the bride was so creative and out of the box that we just couldn’t resist to make sure we made it justice along with Rutuja while clicking photos! We had butterflies and flamingos the moment we saw it. There was a dance, exchange of pure love and beautiful candid activities that just took our breath away. The mandap deserved a cheer in this one!

Venue: Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

Decor: Shubh Sajawat 

The sangeet ceremony was every wedding videographer’s delight. It began with a bunch of choreographed dances that involved a couple dance by Sindhant and Rutuja and some exceptionally fun dances from their dear ones. But it did not just stop on that. The fun continued as the couple had a DJ over. Nobody leaves the ceremony without dancing. By nobody we mean nobody!

There’s no dumbing down of the excitement when the bar’s set so high. And boy it did not at all. Our photographers and videographers were on a clicking spree. Siddhant and Rutuja were dressed gorgeously just to get ruined afterwards. The haldi was a literal blast. After the traditional application ceremony, the entire event was taken over by the mob and turned into a paint fight. Their friends took all the haldi there was and threw water over the bride and groom and the rest was all good and wild anyone could think of.

Post the haldi and pooja we were all at the tikka/cocktail night of Siddhant and Rutuja wedding. A welcoming aisle of chandeliers and beautiful adorned butterflies fluttered our hearts yet again. Rutuja dressed in an elegant red lehenga and Siddhant in blue were a perfect combination of the hype and glam of the night. It almost looked like an intimate royal affair. It ended with loads of blessings and a happy couple ready to embark on their journey ahead.

Usually the weddings are a serious traditional part but this one was just so opposite to that. There was rain and dance and the energy of a thousand cheerleaders involved with this one. When the baraat entered it started raining but nevertheless the baraatis in their full fledged outfit decided to continue the procession with all their will. It turned out great! Post the rain the wedding ceremony started where Rutuja wore a beautiful saree and then a lehenga. And Siddharth equally coordinated her outfit just how a perfect husband would!

Here is their Wedding Trailer :

"Words can't describe what pictures can! The team managed to capture some of the best moments/emotions that will stay with us for a lifetime. Can't thank them enough for being so patient with the guests as family that were attending the wedding during Covid times. An incredibly talented team to work with! "

- Siddhant & Rutuja

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