Adarsh X Matangi

Love is all we remember

A wedding behind the backwaters surrounded by the grandeur of palm trees at the Poovar Island Resort. A two-day Tamil-Malayali traditional mix full of classic fun was all that Adarsh Matangi’s wedding was about. The wedding of Adarsh and Matangi was a visual retreat for our photographers. A couple so busy and lost in themselves is just always a treat for us wedding photographers. We couldn’t ask for anything more other than their genuinely happy faces and those spontaneous intimate moments. And we so genuinely enjoyed the candid ace level fun we could capture beside the trail of the coconut trees.

Venue: Poovar Island Resort

Decor: Prime Weddings and Events

Mehendi is after all the high tea of a wedding. All the precious ones come together to adorn the precious one in the love of her lover. Chatter, food, henna and music. It was a perfect Indian wedding afternoon combination. Ladies singing, the bride smiling as bright as the afternoon sun, we were now just waiting for the wedding to happen. Maybe mehendis are trailers for the wedding drama. And this one gave us a good feeling ahead. But, sangeet first! 

Adarsh is a clear non-dancer and Matangi is almost a pro at it but they both rocked the sangeet equally. Adarsh pulled his boots off for Matangi and that was our gesture of love for the night. Their friends and family rose to the beautiful occasion cheering the bride and groom, 90s style. We had a rocking night of nostalgic moments here and it was wonderful. Both looked extremely gorgeous in their cosy set up and the world was a shimmery disco ball for the night at least.

In the morning the lights changed to a mellow hue as they prepared to welcome this beautiful couple’s enunciation. The union of a pure and transparent love that we have been witnessing right from the very first day. With a priestess carrying out the ceremony, the energy was on a high graceful rise. Adarsh and Matangi’s first look was all that eyes were made for. And a couple that cannot stop their internal chatter during their havan is the one that stays forever. It was a day to have inside jokes after all.

The gala was a subtle cosy affair where Matangi and Adarsh spent their time connecting with their loved ones and remembering good times. Elders  the times to come and it was a full circle. 

Though it was subtle at first the gala was all hearts once the king and queen of the wedding kingdom joined in. The entire family danced with glee and just as the DJ switched to traditional Malayali music the squad revitalised. Adarsh even picked Matangi and boy was it not romantic. Just the escalation we photographers ask for. There is something so beautiful about two people so sure of each other. It probably does get easier with your ‘the one’ it seems. They showed it to us.

Here is their Wedding Trailer :

“Working with Shutter Magik was so easy and personable. We were blown away by the finished photographs and the film, couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

- Divija Shah

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