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We are a premium wedding photography and filming company unlike any other. We pride ourselves on using an approach that prioritizes precision over pretense. For us, your wedding is more than a fleeting event that is here and gone. Instead, we view it as an intricate journey that needs thorough preparation. You can count on us to be your friends and guides through it all – from the moment you first contact us to way past the wedding celebration.
Attention to detail is at the forefront of all that we do at Shutter Magik. It’s why we study the bond and emotion between our subjects to create moving and purposeful works of art. The result? Perpetual images that will evoke emotion at every glance.
We’re on a mission to integrate our photo journalistic techniques with our passion for capturing love in all of its forms. Shutter Magik will continue to set the tone for wedding photography by being intentional partners who merge craft with care on your special day.
When you hire Shutter Magik, you receive way more than a photo to commemorate the day.
You receive timeless art for years to come.

Love Stories
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Akaash X Supriya

Behold the Royal Wedding of the Princess of Sandur, Supriya Raje Ghorpade and Akaash. They got married in Shivavilas palace, Sandur where Supriya Raje spent most of her childhood. Every moment during the three day affair was nothing less than spectacular.

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Adarsh X Matangi

Witness the amazing chemistry of Adarsh and Matangi during their two day wedding in a gorgeous beach side resort beside backwaters in Kerala. They had a mix of Telugu and Malayali wedding traditions with loads of small moments between the two.

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Siddhant X Rutuja

Siddhant and Rutuja’s wedding showed us how intimate weddings does not mean a low key affair. Their two day wedding had tons of energy, dancing, drinking, hooting and of course, love! Even rain couldn’t stop the dancing. Checkout their trailer!

Here is what acclaimed actor Mr. Anang Desai had to say about us

“Working with Shutter Magik was so easy and personable. We were blown away by the finished photographs and the film, couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

- Divija Shah

“The entire team is very creative, hardworking and patient. If you are looking for a personalized service, these are your guys! They’ll make you feel extremely comfortable and will do an amazing job!”

- Manasa Venkataraman

“Shutter Magik’s attention to detail, ideation behind each shot and the presence of mind with what is available in the situation and clicking pictures using them is just out of the park! They’ll work round the clock with you to capture your special moments”

- Akriti Sahai

“They play with light and colors like an artist! We were really impressed with the team’s ability to identify photo opportunities no matter what the background is! It truly was Magical!”

- Aishwarya Deshpande

“We are extremely satisfied by the team’s professionalism. The photographs and films truly captured the essence of our story and chemistry!”

- Ankur Gupta

“Our Pre-Wedding shoot was absolutely phenomenal! Right then and there, we know we wanted Shutter Magik for our wedding! There are no words to describe the kind of work they have done! Absolutely magnificent!”

- Pavan Gupta

"They captured our special moments and displayed it with their innovative ideas and the outcome was magical/magic as their name says. Kudos to the whole team. Blindly go ahead with Shutter Magik to capture your special moments"

- Shakti Singh

"Words can’t describe what pictures can! Anuj and his team are incredibly talented in capturing the best moments / emotions and creating absolutely wonderful memories for a lifetime. A dream team to work with."

- Rutuja Mohite

"The team have been extremely supportive, cooperative and extremely patient with me right from day 1. A very honest, hard working and creative bunch of team who will make you feel extremely comfortable! I don't think anyone could have done a better job!"

- Neeti Menon
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