Anuj X Sushma

The Shutter Magik Wedding

“It was a weird feeling. I felt like there were two of me present at the event. The photographer me and the soon-to-be husband me.” 

Anuj, Founder – Shutter Magik

This one was a special one for sure. Though all weddings are special for us, our very own founder’s wedding is definitely a level-up connection. And so was the wedding experience for both the team and Anuj. But who do you think won the game? Who was present more? The photographer Anuj? Or the groom Anuj? Well, it was all clear, the team took over more enthusiastically than ever. Anuj was obliged to make the photographer inside sit in silence while he saw his team do the “Magik” this time.

Venue: Longuinhos Beach Resort, Goa

Decor: Curated Events By Ghungroo

To speak of love is to speak of hearts. And the heart wants what it wants. Anuj and Sushma’s wedding was an all-against-the-odds affair. Anuj Sushma however, like a couple perfectly made for each other enjoyed it to the fullest. In the early summer April hues, the couple tied a knot in the Longuinhos Beach Resort, Goa. It was a South met North wedding with a nice touch of modern chic. Sushma who’s from Karnataka married Anuj from the North. Two poles apart but still the closest to each other.

Haldi was our personal favourite! We’ve never seen a celebration quite like this. Drinks, friends, family and Haldi! It had quite the Live. Love. Laugh. vibe and everybody literally did so. We had the tug of war, the coconut stand, the ring game, who knows who better, and whatnot! Mini-bar for sure was stacked until the very end. The carefree happy faces high on love were such a treat to watch. And boys will be boys as they literally ripped Anuj’s kurta off and what was Anuj’s say on this? Well. He didn’t have much, he was paying for his actions.

Sangeet is the most festive event of a wedding. Who doesn’t like to dance their hearts out? And who wouldn’t if you’ve found the most wonderful thing in this entire world? Anuj and Sushma’s sangeet was a beautiful bash where both enjoyed the event thoroughly. The family and friends were the best throughout. Anuj performed wonderfully with his family for the lady of the night and then there was a mic drop moment. Soon a storm brewed in and the event outdoors had to still for a while. But who cares?! The party still went on!

I have always asked for so many things from the lord but then you came, without asking, and then I could ask nothing but ask for you to be with me forever. 

There is something more than just the joy of capturing moments that we love about a wedding. It’s about how much in love we are to see them in love. Anuj and Sushma’s first look was it. We bet there’s anything less adorable than that. Sushma wore a stunning red sari and Anuj a neat white sherwani, the colour contrast here was exactly like their personalities. A pious traditional marriage filled yet again with laughter and warm hugs. It was the most wholesome event of the entire wedding.

Here is their Wedding Trailer :

“Working with Shutter Magik was so easy and personable. We were blown away by the finished photographs and the film, couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

- Divija Shah

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