Shalaka x Nishant

Shone better than a diamond

Shalaka and Nishant pulled off poles apart at weddings with a cultural contrast that every wedding photographer around the corner would love to be a part of. It happened at Nishant’s home with a few loved ones making it a small but the most beautiful wedding we’ve experienced so far. The emphasis on experience here as we did not just witness a wedding, we experienced the union of two beautiful families in their most transparent form.

We loved the simplicity of this interstate wedding event and the chemistry blew our lenses off. The wedding which was earlier going to be a regular celebratory event with tons of people due to covid became 15 people cosy set up where the bride wore a beautiful yellow saree while the groom wore a chic kurta. Both paired with a yellow backdrop adorned with marigold flowers made the wedding one of our top favourites. 

Our hearts went all jiggly over the couple during the traditional wedding vows. The pandit made the couple promise each other love, care and affection. Followed by the ceremony was a beautiful time of group pictures and cake cutting. But even the cake couldn’t compete with the sweetness this wedding offered. 

You know the times when something is so touching any other touch of grandeur, or glamour fails to enhance it? Nishant and Shalaka’s wedding was one of those. The sheer beauty of a simple wedding filled with the warmth and love of the couple and their loved ones is the best. We thoroughly enjoyed filming this wedding. Work flourishes when the muse does and that is exactly what happened here.

Here is their Wedding Trailer :

“Working with Shutter Magik was so easy and personable. We were blown away by the finished photographs and the film, couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

- Divija Shah

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