Shakti x Anjali

For happily ever after.

All smiles and love. Shakti and Anjali’s wedding was just a series of ‘awww’s’ and puppy faces for us. A perfect blend of an elegant event and cute attenders Shakti and Anjali made it all feel like forever. The events began with a traditional puja for the well being of the couple. It was a serene experience for everyone. We think it might have even cleansed us a bit, tad bit. But it wasn’t just that it was followed by loved ones bestowing love on the couple and each other and making memories to last for a lifetime. 

The haldi was a total candid affair.Shakti’s family was a delight to begin with. The haldi was a sweet affair in the beginning. However, at the end it turned into a splash of naught and delight. After the haldi everybody showered the Shakti with petals which was such a great set up for us. (We have to tell our favourite parts too!) The photographers and videographers enjoyed filming the candid moments the most. True joy and warmth overflew during this event. 

Did we tell you that Shakti and Anjali had just met? We had to wrap our heads around the fact throughout it too! They look so in love. The wedding was at the MCA Bandra the next day. And my, my. We have to begin with their outfits. Anjali in her pastel pink Anita Dongre lehenga and Shakti contrasting with a white sherwani accessorised by a slightly brighter pink chunni looked beautiful. We gasped at how elegant they looked. 

The baraat arrived and we knew fun was about to just begin. It always does. The reason why we love filming weddings. They are just simply great. Shakti came looking like a prince while Anjali was waiting for him. But do we stop here? No. The heart wants what it wants even if the tradition says otherwise. Anjali was taken into the baraat and the couple danced together along with the baraatis.

What makes a wedding a WEDDING!? An impromptu cocktail night with your loved ones and significant other just after you are hitched! Exactly. The couple threw an impromptu cocktail party for the guests after the wedding and everyone enjoyed it to the core. A beautiful ensemble of spontaneous life decisions and timing! We loved it! The music was dimmed, the food was served and we had a few drinks. Just perfect isn’t it?

Here is their Wedding Trailer :

"They captured our special moments and displayed it with their innovative ideas and the outcome was magical/magic as their name says. Kudos to the whole team. Blindly go ahead with Shutter Magik to capture your special moments."

- Shakti & Anjali

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