Rest in reason . Move In passion.

- Khalil Gibran
Fortunate are those who have found that one thing they can hold on to , look forward to and be motivated by , for the rest of their lives. And that’s how I’d like to define my passion for photography. And what a relief it is to be part of these fortunate ones !


Hello, I am Anuj – traveller,  photographer and pic-story teller.  Oh , by the way, also a former automotive engineer at Ford research. Yes all of these,  and I’ll be quick with mapping this out for you.


With great interest in automobiles ,  i pursued my bachelors,  followed by masters and was fortunate to have landed at Ford. Life was as busy and fun as I could have imagined ! I was the happy owner of my beautiful blue A5 coupe,  and the beauty was my favorite companion at national parks across the US of A , (in addition to my daily grocery shopping drill 😉 ). Having travelled and lived throughout India as a child , going places and exploring mother nature has always enthralled me. Right around then i started venturing into photography. I loved capturing the beauty of what I saw,  with a hope to recreate it for my loved ones in the best possible way. In the process , i started getting into technicalities , tools , lenses, photography forums and tutorials. I wanted to know the math behind everything. Yeah yeah , once an engineer always an engineer !  And of course I was nicknamed “the One with acute perfection syndrome”. Call me crazy , but i liked it. Then one fine day , national geographic featured one if my photographs,  and that was a perhaps when I started taking myself seriously.  A few other shots, featured on various international forums, kept me motivated.


While I was totally into landscape photography, it was a dear friend who convinced me into doing a last minute pre-wedding shoot. While the results were loved by all, my most important takeaway was – Man I had no clue I’d love picturing human emotions just as much as the deep valleys and purple skies I’ve explored ! And yes there has been no looking back ever​ ​since.


With tremendous support from my family and firm belief of my friends I started venturing into shoots and finally a beautiful wedding.  I was so engrossed and in love with this art that I was technically working double shift – 9 hours at Ford and then 8 hours at home, taking photography lessons or working on personal projects. It is then that I realized I have to choose between the two, and i just followed my heART  (and my art) ! It was a big step to pack my bags back to my home country,  but I was excited. So bye bye A5 and welcome Maruti it was ! Along With some ​”​Ma​a​ ke haath ka khana​”​ everyday !


I love portraying human emotions , in a way that people would want to reminisce and cherish for the rest of their lives .  There is no place better than a wedding to get that! Wedding photography has emotions, drama, action and romance! Same goes for pre wedding shoots as well! As I’ve already said , I strive to recreate beauty , rather translate it through my art. And if you’ve been looking out for me , then woohoo !! My team will be more than glad to freeze -capture- frame your happy moments !


Please pardon me for my cheesy ending but – your pic-story is just an insta/ FB/ email away !! Drop in a “hello” and I’ll help you out ! Also fo check my galleries and feel free to comment and lay down your much appreciated feedback.


Anuj Sahai

Pic-Story Teller.



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